Orthotics are the medical name for braces, splints and supports that help correct and support the function of limbs. They are designed to guide, control and limit or immobilise joints that are injured, in rehabilitation, or suffering biomechanical problems. Orthotics can also be useful to distribute weight bearing forces more evenly across joints so as to alleviate pain.


Types of Orthotics

Different materials are used depending on the condition e.g. knee problems require orthotics that not only give control and stability but also great shock absorption.

  • Sport Orthotics - Designed for extra shock absorption from the impact of sports and every day gym workouts. Can also be worn in trainers for general wear and comfort.

  • Golf Orthotics - Designed to cope with the various terrains and a perfect fit into golf shoes. Patients have noticed an improvement in their technique and swing!

  • Football Orthotics - A slim fit model of our sports orthotic. This is perfect for football boots and other similar sports shoes such as cycling etc.

  • Casual Orthotics - Designed for more casual shoes such a loafers or flat lace ups.

  • Dress Orthotics - For smart ladies shoes or men’s formal footwear.

  • Fashion Orthotics - Tapered for ladies court shoes/high heels and additional padding in the ball of the foot area.

Please get in touch to book an appointment if you think you may need Orthotics to help you with any foot or ankle issues you may have.