Introducing Verrucae Needling

Sure feet Podiatry are very pleased to be able to offer "needling" a treatment which is becoming considered the most reliable way to get rid of verrucas. Verrucae and warts are a common condition often seen in podiatry clinics.

They are skin viral skin infections and can present as single warts or a groups of smaller mosaic like lesions. Not only are they unsightly but they can spread and become very painful. There are many treatments available and here at Surefeet two of the most common options are using an acid or freezing them (cryotherapy). The main disadvantage of these treatments is that it often requires multiple visits and can take months to get rid of them. Recently there have been developments made in a much faster way of ridding yourself of these lesions called "Needling". Needling involves usually only one session with a follow up 6 weeks later. A local anaesthetic is given then the wart is punctured several times with a needle aiming to inoculate the deeper tissues and set up an immune response. The anaesthetic is a little unpleasant but the needling treatment itself is painless. Soreness will be experienced for a few days following treatment. Please contact us for further information.

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